STGCC Opening Ceremony (13-Aug-09)

It's been a thrilling day at the STGCC opening but i think it's worth it. Met up with some fellow bloggers including the infamous toy heaven and his wife Daisy
Do check out their blogs as well for STGCC'09 coverage this year~!!
I hope to bump into you guys again these few days at the convention :)
Here's my humble hightlights for today's opening considering I am too busy snooping around the stalls and doing my ninja work :P
Me and Simone Legno
Hot Toys Marcus Wright is damn tempting~!!
DX TDK Batman on display in SG?!! Action City sure know how to tease their customers
My favorite robot Tetsujin 28 (Tamashii Exclusive), very HOT price indeed, my wallet can't take it :P
Mr Andy (TRE) too busy so i ninja him this time :P
Plus these eye candies in the convention, i think i need to go back again, really soon :P
Zero damage today, but i doubt my wallet will survive the next few days.
Here's the goodies bag content from the opening today, quite impressive.
Over more than 200++ opening photos in my flickr set, so just click on from there.
Devilrobots (Shinchiro Katai) & Tokidoki (Simone Legno) at work with the wall before the ceremony starts.

Ron English in the house~!!


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

It was a pleasure to see you Ken :) Thanks for the great coverage.

kenmoo said...

Pleasure is mine :P

LEon said...

Pleasure to meet you guys in person and thanks for linking up! I be there tonight after work again. see you!

Juliana said...

Hi Kenmoo,

I heard that you were there on opening night but I somehow wandered off and missed meeting with you. Hope to meet you another time!

Btw, I have haven't taken photo of my goodie bag contents yet...:P