NOTICE: My Blogspot TEMP. Out of Service

Due to blogspot POST template and editing problems, my blogspot is out of service till further notice. Problem is i can't publish my post due to the lack of user friendly buttons. I am not very HTML savvy so without these button, i can't really blog well. Emails has been sent to blogspot and i hope they can resolve it ASAP.

Meantime, I've transferred all my old and future posts to KENMOO WORDPRESS ( All new post will be available in my new wordpress from today onwards.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Kenny said...

Happened to me too, I read that this happens to Singnet users. Use manual proxy settings: port: 8080. Restart firefox and try logging into your account. See if it works.

LEon said...

I agree with Kenny. try that proxy setting 1st!

At your firefox goes to Tools > Option then click on "Advance"

click on the Network tab

Under connection click on the button "Settings"

Select Manual Proxy configuration put in what Kenny had written and click Save.

hope it helps. If you need have question, drop me a line over at my blog. :)

kenmoo said...

hi Kenny & LEon, it worked~!!! thank you guys~~all is not lost afterall.