It's my X'mas day !! Toys collection from TFH

Who says X'mas is for childrens? Adult too, can have their own presents and excitement.
I received mine just yesterday and it was like X'mas :P (would be more ideal if i wasn't paying for it hahaha)

Here's MOO Catch Of  The Day :
(A) Blu-Ray The Ultimate Cut - Watchmen-The Complete Story
Am going to watch this on New Year Eve tonight!! You COMPLETEs ME!! hahaha

My X'mas Trees and more merry making in 2010~!!

White X'mas

Red X'mas

Colorful X'mas

Sideshow 12inch Star Wars- Sandtrooper Sergeant

This latest sandtrooper sergeant from sideshow is surprisely quite well done other than it's lacking paint job which looks like rust rather than sand and i don't need to change it's body to hottoys.

Hot Toys presents X’mas cards in print versions!

Good news from Hot Toys, you may now download their 2009 X'mas cards in PDF HERE now~!!
You can choose either Iron Man or The Dark Knight version, Have Fun!!!

Hot Toys X'mas gift revealed in hk toys forum

What a drag...snap shot images of the hottoys X'mas gift is revealed in HK toys forum...It's a new true type body with even better body and face scuplt. Nonetheless, it's a sincere definitely anxiously waiting for this x'mas gift from Hottoys.

kenmoo won Hottoy's facebook X'Mas Lucky Draw

Well well, maybe it's my luckiest day~!! Will go buy 4D today.
Big thanks to Hottoy's in Facebook, i won their X'mas lucky draw.
Am anxiously anticipating what kind of surprise it stay tune :P

(Special thanks to Simon from TFH for informing me 1st..thanks a lot bro)
my 2009 favorite Hot Toys entry was:
(1) DX Joker
(2) Godfather
(3) Hellboy

So' what's yours? Damn...all these 3 figure i owned but still haven't display yet, should do a follow up review all together once i received their X'mas gift :P

Medicom RAH no.463 DX Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form)

got my medicom RAH DX Agito yesterday, overall it's no surprise for me cos' been seeing a lot of toy forum reviews and many collectors has blog about it. Box is the standard illustration as usual. (think i am losing confidence in medi product)