It's my X'mas day !! Toys collection from TFH

Who says X'mas is for childrens? Adult too, can have their own presents and excitement.
I received mine just yesterday and it was like X'mas :P (would be more ideal if i wasn't paying for it hahaha)

Here's MOO Catch Of  The Day :
(A) Blu-Ray The Ultimate Cut - Watchmen-The Complete Story
Am going to watch this on New Year Eve tonight!! You COMPLETEs ME!! hahaha

(B) Medicom DX 12inch Masked Rider (RIDERMAN) renewal version
Finally my collection for these old riders series is complete!!

(C) Medicom BM 12inch Masked Rider (DECADE)
Here's another "don't know how many more years" of collecting the new series of Masked Rider Hell~!!

And have a Happy New Year in 2010, i know the new year is going to be a blast for many and collectors are going to trash their wallets woes and keep up their collecting spirit!!

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saruman said...

nice.. saw that blu-ray yesterday.. but it's too bloody expensive here, MYR 350!!!

desmond said...

Bro, very nice Rider Decade..Happy new year to you and your family!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Such a nice day planned...LOL
Happy New Year!

kenmoo said...

@saruman > manz that's ex..better to get from
desmond > thanks a lot too~!!
plastic man > LOL!! you too!!