Merry X'mas from Hot Toys and thanks for the wonderful gift~!!

Got my X'mas gift from Hot Toys this morning via FedEX~!! Super efficient~!!

Comes with the usual suspect and 2pcs of Hottoys X'mas card

Woohoo~~Thanks a lot!! Even the box is written to my alias. So personal and touching, now i don't even got the heart to sell it right? :P

The box design and material is not cheapskate, it's matt laminated on hardboards, feels exclusive.

The provided head sculpt is absolutely gorgeous and nicely painted, extremely detail till to the freckles.

The X'mas cards has 2 different design, namely Joker and Ironman, my guess is these 2 series is the best selling line for HT in 2009. They can be folded to 1/6 shoppers paper bag and the toy box.

Drool at the more pix in my FLICKR or slideshow below:


desmond said...

Bro, I guess this is the most wonderful x'mas gift you have this year. So envy man! If I got this, I won't sell it and will keep it that way as everything looks damn nice storing in a box. Really exclusive man!!

LEon said...

I am envious too. Why didn't I get free toys when I am giving away free toys for Christmas? >_<

Little Plastic Man said...

You lucky man!

Anonymous said...

wow cool blog bro,
was wondering if you could post pics or scans of the Hot Toys christmas cards as a lot of us will never see the real thing but I'd love to have a go at making my own for my figs,
hope this is ok
Tys from the UK

kenmoo said...

hi you may now download the HT 1/6 x'mas card here