kenmoo won Hottoy's facebook X'Mas Lucky Draw

Well well, maybe it's my luckiest day~!! Will go buy 4D today.
Big thanks to Hottoy's in Facebook, i won their X'mas lucky draw.
Am anxiously anticipating what kind of surprise it stay tune :P

(Special thanks to Simon from TFH for informing me 1st..thanks a lot bro)
my 2009 favorite Hot Toys entry was:
(1) DX Joker
(2) Godfather
(3) Hellboy

So' what's yours? Damn...all these 3 figure i owned but still haven't display yet, should do a follow up review all together once i received their X'mas gift :P


LEon said...

GOng xi gong xi!

Kenny said...

Congrats man. No word on the gift yet?

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

ho say ah! happy for you :) you sure KEN one lah - ha! ha!

desmond said...

I am wondering what xmas gift is to be sent to you?! Congrats anyway!!

Little Plastic Man said...

Do you think you will get your 3 Hot Toys entry as the gift?? Shiok right!

Jcee said...

Wow congrats! You are really lucky! Hurry and go buy lottery now lol

kenmoo said...

hi guys, thanks for the congrats~!! I've received HT email on sending my postal address, am not sure what kind of gift so it's going to be a surprise for me this X'mas. Will definitely blog about it upon receiving it...cheers and thanks again

simonsays said...

wah...power!!! Congrats!!!!!