Medicom RAH no.463 DX Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form)

got my medicom RAH DX Agito yesterday, overall it's no surprise for me cos' been seeing a lot of toy forum reviews and many collectors has blog about it. Box is the standard illustration as usual. (think i am losing confidence in medi product)

i love the details on the 1/6 belt

nope, they didn't give you an extra head (medicom stingy style) expected

the extended horns were just a clip-on...nothing exciting to roar about, we know the MEDI co. is stingy like hell!!!!

I think it's too tall and stylize for this figure but the pose and look is great as a character by itself.

(Left) Kuuga (Middle) Agito (Right) Timehouse Ultimate Kuuga

Look at the height difference? I am quite ok as compared to Kuuga but the Ultimate looks so puny besides it. Looks like medi-collectors have to buy the new DX range again? haizz...

More photos in my flickr slideshow below:

Youtube Video as below:


desmond said...

Bro, I saw a lot of HK collectors shorten the lower part of the leg joints in order to display Agito with other Kamen Riders :)

kenmoo said...

Thanks, i saw their review...wallet pain-taking to mod the original figure, i prefer the way it lei. Anyway it's not that eyesore when display them together so i can still let it rest. Overall still a fine pcs by itself.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice figure bro. tink i will go get one for myself keeke.. mind to share the $??