SNAP REVIEW > (TakaraTomy) Transformers ROTF RA-24 - Buster Optimus Prime

Am pleased with my takara TF rotf RA-24 buster optimus. it's is bigger and better paintjob than its precessor!!! quite a masterpiece to own.

totally 2 different sculpt

rear view comparison

unmasked prime...the chrome paint are's the version i am waiting for..patiently waiting for japan takara version Jetfire for the ADD-ON

excellent paint job, see the flame with white border? got heart :P

TF1 (right), (left) TF2 optimus went to jean yip? his legs are slimmer and refine now

more photos taken as snap does not do justice to the actual product, so head down to your nearest toyshop to take a better look!!


desmond said...

Bro, glad that you score this piece as it's really nice :)

saruman said...

superb! i'm getting mine tomorrow!

The Rebel said...

Cool! How much did you pay for this Down under (in S'pore that is)? I reckon this sells for about RM 290 over here in KL (about USD85)...

LEon said...

Like you I have the movie 1 OP (but not premium). After reading your review further feed my hunger to get this buster OP. LOL Thanks for sharing. :)

kenmoo said...

@ desmond > yea!! this is a really nice pcs
@ Saruman > cool, you won't regret it
@ Rebel > i got it for about $100SGD
@ Leon > you're welcome~!!

Juliana said...

I would like to get a ROTF Buster OP too! So far I don't own any Leader class OP :)