Holy Grail in Japan Animation~!! Coming Soon in 2010 > Medicom/BM Project 12inch Kaneda with Bike in "AKIRA"

More Photos from toy-world forum
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Sideshow's Product Description:
Kaneda's Bike with bonus Cowling and Decal Set

Sideshow is proud to present the Kaneda's Bike Die-cast Model by PROJECT BM! from Katsuhiro Otomo's acclaimed manga, AKIRA, and created under Otomo's direct supervision. This die-cast metal vehicle replica is complete with LED light-up features, including front and back wheels, headlights, taillights, blinker, and dashboard, as well as sound effects, including engine start, rev, tires, drift and drive. The headlights can be adjusted to move up and down, and the front can be raised and lowered to simulate park and drive modes. The model has three power levels - off, lights only, and lights with sound, and has full, workable suspension created under cowling. (Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.) The fully detailed Kaneda's Bike Die-cast Model is the perfect companion to the Shotaro Kaneda 12-inch Figure (available separately), an outstanding pair for any collection.

Est. Ship Date: 2nd Qtr 2010
Price: US $419.99

Box Design

Medicom is trying to suck us dry in 2010, the AKIRA bike is going to cost a bomb!!
Bike (39,900yen = est. SGD$620)
+ Kaneda ($18,690yen = est. SGD$290)
= TOTAL SGD$910!!!

Coming Soon in 2010 March-Medicom 12inch AKIRA-Kaneda Shotaro ($18,690yen)
Photos from toy-world forum
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Dated 18-July-09
(credit: hobbystock)
What can i say?!! It's the godfather of japanese animation "AKIRA" (IMHO).
This is just damn too awesome!! It's definitely on the top of my 12inch Medicom/BM project toy list 2010 (waited for so many years, just hope it's not an exclusive piece manzz)...Pay Money Lor~!!!


simonsays said...

Must buy 2 pieces !!!!!! Super awesome !!!!!

Joeygallery said...

somehow it looks like you.

simonsays said...

look like ken moo??? hehe

Mike Tan said...

Ok. Confirm. Not buying. Too expensive.

kenmoo said...

can just buy kaneda lor but the damn bike too ex~!!!!

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saruman said...

i'm getting it for sure! keep saving now!

desmond said...

Ken, never see you upload any articles for quite some time. What happen?? Anyway, this bike is damn nice but very very expensive :P

kenmoo said...

yup, too busy at work so didn't update that regular now

saruman said...

anybody knows when the PO is gonna opened?

kenmoo said...

hi saruman, preorder is out. Check with your local toyshop

saruman said...

i have already Pre Ordered, thanks kenmoo :)