opening S.I.C.Hero Saga Vol.1

Was cleaning my room as routine today and the postman ring~~~~
He was sweating like hell, well, i guess it will be worst for me if i have to carry this heavy box....imagine 33kg... manz..this box can fit in my entire toys collection :P
hehehe thanks for your dedication postman but i guess you have to do it lah...i paid hefty shipping amount to your company (singapore post) !!! The shipping cost more than i paid for this item man...sighzz...

Bandai serves up a jaw-dropper of a dramatic scene with this first entry in its new SIC Tamashii Collectors Hero Saga series!
Based on a piece created for Hobby Japan's SIC Hero Saga Mook, this diorama captures the dark desperation in the air as Takeshi Hongo, altered by Shocker scientists, struggles against their efforts to complete the process by brainwashing him. Aid his escape by removing the Hongo figure from the operating table and replacing him with the figure of Kamen Rider 1, now free and determined to stop Shocker!

A total of five fixed-pose figures, in scale with Bandai's SIC line, are included -- Hongo in restraints, Kamen Rider 1, and the trio of Shocker scientists -- and connect to the diorama through the clever use of magnets.

The detail in this diorama is astonishing; the lights over the operating table and in the Shocker symbol even work (requires three AA batteries, sold separately)!
The diorama itself is 50cm tall x 50cm long x 40cm wide (about 19.6 x 19.6 x 15.7 inches), and in its package weighs 16.4kg (just over 36 lbs.).

Initially, I thought the material used is same like their SIC figures (rubber & plastic), i was wrong!!!
It is heavy metal man or whatever material they named it. Just the kamen rider statue itself is heavier than my chogokin's. Supreme detailing but no articulation lah...this is not a toy manz...hardcore diorama from hell !!! wahahaha
Shit!! now, i think i have to shift house so that this masterpiece can space arrgghh...

toys spring cleaning part.1.5

Display shelf B - 1st column -so empty...making space for new 12inch coming in soon...

Display shelf B - column 2 & 3, my robots collections

Kamen rider brothers in danger

Was cleaning my shelves today and didnt realise there was a war behind me...

TV Male voice over: "Will the kamen riders survive this chaos?~~"

Spider: "Kamen riders~~!! today you all shall die in our hands!!"
Batty: "Ya lor, always bully us in the toy shelve, now we make you die hard!!"
The dunno what monster with a ass head: "nabei~~!! mai kong so much liao...hun lahzz!! (english translation: dun tok cock just fight)

Kamen Rider Old no.1: Oei, brudder V3, got sotong head lei...later we BBQ seafood...whahaha

TV Male voice over: "Suddenly yellow rider appears, the KM brothers thought they got new helpers"

Yellow rider: "who order pizza??, Oops..sorry did'nt know you guys havin' a party here, i make a move first"

Turtle: "wait for me, once i finish lying eggs i go shopping with you"

fin...thanks to the wonderful cast today...
tea break over..time to do more cleaning...haizz...

toys spring cleaning part.1

Just started doing some spring cleaning of my room today.
Damn tiring, and I've only managed to completed 1/4 of it~~!! shit!!
Cleaning of the toy shelf already took up the half day, and believe's really dusty spider web one~~...
Anyway, it's my fault lah, I've neglected this shelf for almost 6-7 years??!! Damn...lucky only collect dust if not i think all melt liao.

Below is just part 1 of today's cleaning...hopefully i can finish the rest soon.

Display shelf A- mainly for US related toys/characters.

Display shelf A- 1st column - 12inch, 2nd column are all my previous Mcfarlane collections.

Display shelf A- 3rd & 4th column, more Mcfarlane figurines etc...

Display shelf A- last column, old/new toys which I haven't got time to open & display yet.

TFH new nest

Gong xi gong xi to the guys @ TFH
Their new nest at waterloo street is really cool and inviting.

relag lounge area~~shiok lah (thumbs up)

still have few leader class transformers, people who still haven't got yours...faster come come :)

hah, uncle ng was here first!!! :P

Once again, a very warm congrats...and i will definately hangout your place really often, cheers :)

The Falcon Hangar new address:
Blk 261 Waterloo Street
Waterloo Centre
Singapore 180261
Tel: (65) 6235 2390
Fax: (65) 6338 2390

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat: 12noon - 8pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 12noon - 6pm

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How Much Is Your Blog Worth?

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

hahah..found this interesting, my blog not worth big money la..but don't take it seriously :P

Bayi Rangers Anime

yozz ranger gather~!!!whohoho...hahaha
Was trashing some of my data on HD and found this old wallpaper..remember the good old days? Maybe can come out with 12"fashion figures & cartoons.
Illustration by our bro, Simon (aka blue ranger) you may catch more of his work at

playing with Konami Sazer X

Bought this at toyrus early last week using the membership discount voucher.Was attracted by the huge box size and design. The toys are placed nicely and safely in "egg box" Opening it was easy and everything looks great. The toys also have lights which can be easily remove and put back by a small plastic divider. Don't think it transform or combine into a huge robot, anyway will review and take more photos once i have time to play with this tomorrow.

Chousei Kantai Sazer-X (超星艦隊セイザーX) translated as Super Star Fleet Sazer-X is a tokusatsu superhero TV series produced by Toho Company Ltd., and Konami. This series is the third in Toho's Seishin (Star God) series. Compared to the previous two series, this series is more comical, and much more futuristic and technological themed, as opposed to the more fantasy-like elements of the previous series as well.

SIC Vol.13 Kamen Rider Kuuga


Backdrop is a cardboard from the toy itself, so just nice can use it as a background.

playing with SIC Kamen Rider Kuuga

It's been awhile since i bought SIC collection.
Only this Kuuga collection series caught my eyes in recent toyhunt at CSC.
Review as follows:-

Dunno why they have 2 set of stupid, maybe box design was weak and they have to improve it at later stage of production.

I hate the packaging, hard to keep and so many accessories that force you to keep the box in order you don't lose the parts.

Basically, you have one main kuuga red figure with 2 more set of accessories to change to his other 2 form (glowing & ultimate)

Overall, 2/5, playable weak....the materials are still filmsy and parts are rubbery like last time, not much improvement except the usual nice design & scuplting. During shooting, alot of small parts and rubber parts will drop, joint tend to be loose after posing awhile just like last time..very sianz...
If the japs wants to make a good sculpture like Mcfarlene Toys then they should reduce some articulations. Else just make a good statue diorama or 12" figures out of it and collectors will still buy lah.

singapore food cravings

(Photo credits from ieatishootipost)

Don't know where to eat in singapore...wah lau..they don't call singapre food paradise for nothing. Check out this blog for best of local delights. Nicely taken photos as well.
For those khakis in overseas, drool~~guess iam going for fried hokkien prawn mee soon..yummy

Will It Blend? - iPhone

This is Madness~~!!! iphone of cos can blend can oso blend well in Apple's new iBlender...hahaha..

More pixs from Taiwan Creative Toysfair 2007

Here are Jimi-san from taipei photos took at Taiwan Toyfair (TTF) 2007.
Thanks bro for contributing to this post :)

Winson classic action figure - 12" Firespecter

Apexexploeres - Winson Ma's T-Rex ICE version (limited 300sets only)

Kenny Wong's Copperhead-18 (distributed by Hot Toys)

Lastly, a very strange and familiar 12" figure...dunno incomplete or just proto...