playing with SIC Kamen Rider Kuuga

It's been awhile since i bought SIC collection.
Only this Kuuga collection series caught my eyes in recent toyhunt at CSC.
Review as follows:-

Dunno why they have 2 set of stupid, maybe box design was weak and they have to improve it at later stage of production.

I hate the packaging, hard to keep and so many accessories that force you to keep the box in order you don't lose the parts.

Basically, you have one main kuuga red figure with 2 more set of accessories to change to his other 2 form (glowing & ultimate)

Overall, 2/5, playable weak....the materials are still filmsy and parts are rubbery like last time, not much improvement except the usual nice design & scuplting. During shooting, alot of small parts and rubber parts will drop, joint tend to be loose after posing awhile just like last time..very sianz...
If the japs wants to make a good sculpture like Mcfarlene Toys then they should reduce some articulations. Else just make a good statue diorama or 12" figures out of it and collectors will still buy lah.


Imit K said...

Reduce articulation?! No way! The new SIC body joint system is good. Very posable. Kuuga is a reissue of a old figure which had a poor joint design. The Kamen Rider The First SIC is a good example of the new SIC joint system. The Hibiki SIC also not bad.

kenmoo2007 said...

aiya means kuuga lousy la...remake still have same mistake...shitty Ok i oso have SIC the first, will open and play soon