opening S.I.C.Hero Saga Vol.1

Was cleaning my room as routine today and the postman ring~~~~
He was sweating like hell, well, i guess it will be worst for me if i have to carry this heavy box....imagine 33kg... manz..this box can fit in my entire toys collection :P
hehehe thanks for your dedication postman but i guess you have to do it lah...i paid hefty shipping amount to your company (singapore post) !!! The shipping cost more than i paid for this item man...sighzz...

Bandai serves up a jaw-dropper of a dramatic scene with this first entry in its new SIC Tamashii Collectors Hero Saga series!
Based on a piece created for Hobby Japan's SIC Hero Saga Mook, this diorama captures the dark desperation in the air as Takeshi Hongo, altered by Shocker scientists, struggles against their efforts to complete the process by brainwashing him. Aid his escape by removing the Hongo figure from the operating table and replacing him with the figure of Kamen Rider 1, now free and determined to stop Shocker!

A total of five fixed-pose figures, in scale with Bandai's SIC line, are included -- Hongo in restraints, Kamen Rider 1, and the trio of Shocker scientists -- and connect to the diorama through the clever use of magnets.

The detail in this diorama is astonishing; the lights over the operating table and in the Shocker symbol even work (requires three AA batteries, sold separately)!
The diorama itself is 50cm tall x 50cm long x 40cm wide (about 19.6 x 19.6 x 15.7 inches), and in its package weighs 16.4kg (just over 36 lbs.).

Initially, I thought the material used is same like their SIC figures (rubber & plastic), i was wrong!!!
It is heavy metal man or whatever material they named it. Just the kamen rider statue itself is heavier than my chogokin's. Supreme detailing but no articulation lah...this is not a toy manz...hardcore diorama from hell !!! wahahaha
Shit!! now, i think i have to shift house so that this masterpiece can space arrgghh...


Mikey said...

Show the full set up leh. Must cost a lot. $1XXX?

kenmoo2007 said...

later la maybe next busy cleaning and messy. still got alot of things to do :P Cost me 8XX big ones

Michael said...

i wonder how much was the shipping cost for this? maybe one day when i have enuf dough , i want to get this too as im a SIC lover too