yahoo~~In Today DX2005 12inch Amazon~~!!

Yea yea~~my orders arrived today. Yup, from amazon japan again.
12inch AMAZON~~!!! Arrgggh...Saw this figure selling SG$800 in Bangkok, it's so ridiculous. Lucky japan still got stocks left. Guess the rarest one will be Riderman liao.

Got this V3 belt as well cos I didnt see this selling in Singapore.
View the Youtube playing demo in my new post. Overall the material is great except there isnt much sound to play with this one. Still prefer to play with my Kabuto belt :)
Anyway, for both toy prices you can check it out at amazon japan website, very good buy after some research in the market.


Mikey said...

Nice man. I drooling the AMAZON. Keep a look out for me bro. I want that one.

everything, anything better than nothing said...

no problem bro, will keep you posted.