BKK toyhunting

Building name: Pirom Plaza @ wang burapa

This is like the cha-choo-chart of toys, dvd and games manz...all nerds must come here.

Capsule heaven, all capsule here are selling in bags and bags!!! Capsule collectors will go crazy here..i can't resist and bought some kamen rider capsule here as well.

I AM TOYS is HOT TOYS distributors in Thailand.

Taking a break, this "Coffy & Toys" cafe sells cool drinks and snacks except toys hahaha~!!!
This auntie makes customised and order-than-make Iced Milk Green Tea bros~~ die die must try, it taste better than MOS burger ice milk tea.

Overall this is good place and almost the only place to toyhunt for geeks.
Great place if you got money and want to hunt for those hard to find figures. No money than buy the capsules here lah...as for buying new toys, we can get better price from Japan, HK or Sg.
I also went to a few toyshops at MBK center but i forgot to take photos :P
Will try to post the toys i bought in BKK once i am free. Over n Out...


toysrevil said...

cheers for the tip-off! will def hunt this place down if ever im in BK LOL :)

kenmoo said...

no prob bro, enjoy your toyhunting there!

Shaun said...

thanks for this write up, the display in the shop looks amazing and almost comparable to toyhunters'.

kenmoo said...

toyhunters? where is it located? in singapore or other countries? cheers

Anonymous said...

Toyhunters is the HK distributor for HT at the famous CTMA in Mongkok!

Anyway, fantastic post! Great news that there is something for 12-inchers in BK!

kenmoo said...

oic..toyhunters in HK ya? i know, been there as well..just besides Superman toys. Cool

Jicco said...

how to get to this place?

Taxi or Sky Train?


kenmoo said...

by taxi is the easiest mode