Kamen rider brothers in danger

Was cleaning my shelves today and didnt realise there was a war behind me...

TV Male voice over: "Will the kamen riders survive this chaos?~~"

Spider: "Kamen riders~~!! today you all shall die in our hands!!"
Batty: "Ya lor, always bully us in the toy shelve, now we make you die hard!!"
The dunno what monster with a ass head: "nabei~~!! mai kong so much liao...hun lahzz!! (english translation: dun tok cock just fight)

Kamen Rider Old no.1: Oei, brudder V3, got sotong head lei...later we BBQ seafood...whahaha

TV Male voice over: "Suddenly yellow rider appears, the KM brothers thought they got new helpers"

Yellow rider: "who order pizza??, Oops..sorry did'nt know you guys havin' a party here, i make a move first"

Turtle: "wait for me, once i finish lying eggs i go shopping with you"

fin...thanks to the wonderful cast today...
tea break over..time to do more cleaning...haizz...


neojett said...

cool , dispaly , your Kamen Rider , i like it .

Anything, Everything better than Nothing said...

thanks!! Will try to post and pose more photos once I am done cleaning & re-display my collection soon. Cheers.