Bangkok short trip

Was at BKK for a short business trip last weekend, managed to go for speedy toyhunt and makan the local glorious food there. Will post my toyhunt in the next's the food review~!!

View from my hotel

my breakfast, chilling ice mocha from mr bean and a stick of cigs :P

By the way, thanks to my friend aaron for taking time to bring me out at short notice. 1st stop we took a tuk tuk to this fantastic stall at Thanond Yosey.

All the street stalls here looks lau kok kok but trust me, the food are amazing bros~~!!

Pig's organ soup (猪杂汤) thai style~~good control of the pepper, ingredients and the soup is delicious.

BBQ Satay, with their unique thai sauces so it's abit different taste from Sg ones.

BBQ fresh scallops!!! these are the best, i swallow 10pcs man.
Stuffed with lean meat inside the clam and the fresh scallops give out the ~ultimate feeling~!!
Better than those served in fancy restaurants.

Thai local sauces for all your need, personally i like the green one at the top right corner :P

Supper time, but not in the same day lah. This was a old chinatown road stall we visited on my last day.

Chinatown of cos got menu in mandarin :P

Thai-teochew style fried hor-fun (河粉)

Fried egg noodles

Claypot sharksfin~~this is best...don't think the soup brownish and black black color ok?!! wait till you taste it will forget your father's name...come here is a must try. Whether it's real sharkfins or not, it doesnt you can see the fins, real big!! the same feel, texture and the taste beats the ones you had during those chinese wedding dinner type.


Imit K said...

Aroy mak!

everything, anything better than nothing said...

simi is aroy mak cup?!! cannot understand cup :~~~P