[Media Release] Super-convergence of East-West pop culture at STGCC 2010

Pertaining to past 2 years of success, STGCC is back again in 2010 with a blast full of activities for all Pop culture fans!!

I am invited to blog about STGCC 2010, which will be staged from 10-12 December 2010 in Singapore.
Opening Hours:
10 Dec 2010 (Fri) : 10am-12pm (Trade Hours)
12pm-9pm (Open to Public)
11 Dec 2010 (Sat) : 11am-9pm (Open to Public)
12 Dec 2010 (Sun) : 11am-8pm (Open to Public)

Venue: Suntec International Convention Centre, Level 4, Halls 401 & 402
Early Bird Ticket Price: S$10.00 for a 1-day ticket; S$20.00 for a 3-day ticket

So do stay tune for my coverage for this event which all fans alike have been waiting for!

Enterbay 12inch Ip Man (叶问) with Hot Toys slim type body

Decided to try out forum's recommendation with the HT Slim type body on my Enterbay Ip Man recently, the result came out quite satisfactory. Now the joints are firmer and it's more articulate for posing.
(left-Hot Toys slim body, right-enterbay body)

fresh from 3A newsletter: 3A JC Strikes this friday, 9am tomorrow~!!

(via 3A newsletter)
High above where mortal thoughts do not venture, the Big Guy sat and contemplated his creation. Clouded in spittle, blood and smoke he figured things have not gone so well. The Big Guy slightly shifted in his chair and called forth his son, "Son, it's a bit shit down there, so bugger it... I'm sending you back !"

Media Preview-Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

(Kudos to Shaun, yesterday.sg and I Love Museum for this special invite)

One word, AWESOMEsssss!!!
I really felt like a 8 year old when i stepped into this exhibition.
You DO NOT want to miss this if you're a fan of hot toys collectibles, iron man and art.

Behind the Scenes-Iron Man CollARTible Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum

(via Yesterday.sg and I Love Museums in Facebook)
More behind the scenes images updated~!!

Can't wait to see this exhibition which will be starting this Saturday, 9th Oct~!!
Be sure to stay tune for my special media preview coverage a day before it opens.