Enterbay 12inch Ip Man (叶问) with Hot Toys slim type body

Decided to try out forum's recommendation with the HT Slim type body on my Enterbay Ip Man recently, the result came out quite satisfactory. Now the joints are firmer and it's more articulate for posing.
(left-Hot Toys slim body, right-enterbay body)

Thanks to brudder Simon Goh from tfh for helping me to score the HT narrow type.
All joints fit in quite well with just the head that needed more push, at least it won't drop off easily like the previous EB body.

Here's the photos which i took with my iPhone4 plus a bit of photoshop touch up on the lighting.

Personally, you have to chose your piece wisely because each paint job are different and quite bad, especially the hands which has different color tone from the rest. Poor QC.

Overall, my rating as follows:
Resemblance - 3.8/5
Packaging - 4/5
Accessories - 4/5
Quality Control - Fail~!!
Paint Job - 2/5

Verdict: Would recommend this piece if you're a big fan of Ip Man (叶问), else if you want a better resemblance of Donnie Yen, his upcoming Chen Zhen version from enterbay should look much better.

[updated 2.nov.2010 new photos]


desmond said...

Bro, totally agree with what you mentioned here. I saw two pieces already and dare not buy it as the paint job on the face is uneven. Enterbay did a very nice job on its 24 - Jack Bauer and David Palmer. Why can't they continue to maintain their quality?? Their reputation is damaged...Haiz!!

desmond said...

I think EB Chen Zen with mask looks better. The original facial expression is very fierce....

kenmoo said...

heard from a friend who saw eb chen zhen final product pix, be prepared for disappointment..sighzzz

supekudx said...

The reputation of Enterbay is going down and down and down. The only hope to Enterbay is the new Bruce Lee GOD with a sculpted body. It is very sad to know that the original body has loose joints. Terrible!

kenmoo said...

yup, agreed. Maybe they should just focus on bruce lee and aim that for perfection. As long it's a good product, am sure everyone will still support them.

desmond said...

Yes bro, I also saw the final product photo posted in the forum, the face is different from the prototype..It worse than IP MAN..Can't trust Enterbay now!!