My 2011/2012 Dream list for Hot Toys

Here's a recap of my 2008 wish list for Hot Toys:


Leslie Cheung (张国荣)
Chow Yun Fat "A Better Tomorrow" 英雄本色 Mark哥 (周润发)
Chow Yun Fat "God of Gamblers" 赌神 (周润发)
Jet Li's (李连杰) "Once Upon A Time in China" 黄飞鸿
DONE > More James Dean!!!
DONE > More Marlon Brandon!!! HT did a godfather as well.
Blade Runner "Harrison Ford"
Scarface's Al Pacino
007 James Bond "Sean Connery"

Personally, I feel the M-Icon has been lacking by interest with just Michael Jackson releases, it's time to expand others?

Movie Masterpiece
Star Wars~!!! (everyone knows this is the best franchise/license for the toy industry)
I still prefer a Hottoys 100% full control on the production rather than present with sideshow collaboration.
In progress > Indiana Jones~!!!
In progress > Superman "Christopher Reeve"
Superman "Lex Luthor" Gene Hackman
Godfather's Robert DeNiro
Godfather's Al Pacino
Fight Club "Brad Pitt"
Die Hard "Bruce Willis"
In progress > Tim Burton's "BATMAN" Michael Keaton
In progress > Tim Burton's "BATMAN" JOKER - Jack Nicholson
Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhand" Authentic likeness for Johnny Depp
Tim Burton's "Willy Wonka" Authentic likeness for Johnny Depp
(basically any movie with Authentic likeness for Johnny Depp)
Remake Robocop
DONE > Remake Terminator

DONE by medicom > AKIRA !!!!!
Captain Future
黒澤明 Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" 七人の侍

Hot Toys celebrates their 10th Anniversary in Tokyo with new licenses acquired for year 2011

Here's my preference in order, so which is your most anticipated one?

For me, Indy is my TOP choice anytime anywhere.
Time to clear space for this best version so far from Hot Toys.

my new baby: Canon Powershot E95

Welcome to the MOO family, bought this point and shoot camera in Best Denki, IMM (Jurong East) on Saturday.

[Media Release] STGCC 2010 Sets the Pace for Pop Culture Growth in Region

Pop culture is projected to grow in the region, with keen fans helping to boost the industry in Singapore and regionally. This was the view of industry professionals after the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2010 ended its three-day run yesterday. Over 28,000 visitors, with a visitorship of 72,000, flocked to the show and gave the thumbs up to the quality and variety of the anime, manga, comics, toys, live performances and panel and academic discussions.

For some fans, it was a dream come true that so many of their idols were here in Singapore. Roshadiyanto Bin Ibrahim, 24, had been first in the queue for all three days, turning up everyday at 6am. He is a big Marvel fan and “I never thought that they would come to this part of the world. It’s like a dream come true!”

[STGCC 2010] Cosplay Highlights

Here are some cosplay highlights at STGCC 2010 which ended on Sunday.
Photos are credited to my friend's friend (anonymous) :P
I did some lighting and color enhancement on it so that it stands out. Enjoy~!!

[STGCC 2010] "Artist Alley" Booth K12-Sonny Sy [MAGNETA] and Hillary Yeo [GODAIZER]

Last day at STGCC 2010~!!
Do visit "Artist Alley" Booth K12 for Sonny Sy [MAGNETA] and Hillary Yeo [GODAIZER] works on display.

Hockstuff Digirama for [MAGENTA]

Mr Hock found "LOVE" for our buddy Sonny's work [MAGENTA] :P
Check out his new digirama fresh from the oven today

[STGCC 2010] Team J Phillips Hollywood Action "Reel to Real"

Team J Phillips is Hollywood's leading martial arts group under the banner of J Phillips Creative Management. Led by Telly Award winner, producer and action director Jennifer Phillips, Team J Phillips has made a significant impact in the motion picture, independent film, television, commercial, sports and "live" stage entertainment circuit.

[STGCC 2010] 虚饰Merveilleux Boutique Fashion Show

Merveilleux Boutique, captivated by both nineteenth century Victorian style and today's Harajuku culture, Merveilleux Boutique was founded in 2007 with an ambition of introducing tasteful cross-over fashion. Being the avant-garde of late modern renaissance trend, Founder and Art Director Ms Ellya Chao challenges with adequate skill the extreme of dress-cutting by making well-crafted costumes for Opera, Ballet and theatre productions, and furthermore promoting the art of Cosplay. Her works claimed fourteen championships in Cosplay Original, second to no other tailor in the competition's history.

[STGCC 2010] Gone Case the Graphic Novel-Book 1

Gone Case the Graphic Novel
Story by Dave Chua
Art by Koh Hong Teng

Bought this from STGCC media preview yesterday.
Thanks to Teng for autographing the book, too bad Dave Chua (author) wasn't around else it will be even better :)

Youtube [Media Preview] 10-Dec-2010-STGCC 2010

Here's a quick video on the STGCC media preview.

[Media Preview] 10-Dec-2010-STGCC 2010

As promised, here are the photos for the STGCC Media Preview today (10-Dec)
I've picked a few highlights of the event but there's so much more which is impossible to fit into this post.

Advice: Go, Attend and Enjoy yourself before it ends this Sunday!
It can only get better every year with fans support!!

[LIVE from STGCC 2010]-10-Dec Kopi-ing now at Media Village

As per stated in the subject title :P
Thanks to STGCC for the wonderful coffee in the Media Village.

But, meanwhile you may savour these 2 cosplayers photos i just took.
Complete photos will be uploaded tonight.

[Media Release] Collectibles and souvenirs galore for fans at STGCC’s three-day pop culture show

Pop culture collectors and souvenir hunters are in for a field day at STGCC 2010. They will be able to gather a treasure trove of memorabilia during the three-day show from Dec 10 to 12. Over S$500,000 worth of giveaways will be up for grabs at the convention this year.

You could be a fan of manga, comics, toys, superheroes and maybe even villains. Or perhaps take a walk down memory lane with Star Wars, Ghostbusters and the like. There is something for everyone: posters, minimates, goodie bags, toy capsules, t-shirts, lanyards, even USB sticks.

So if you are a collector or a souvenir hunter, get set, ready, go!

Michael Lau x Hot Toys - Crazy Michael Collectible Figure

(via HT facebook)
Drooling...just praying and hoping Singapore's Retailers gets this in :P

1/6th scale Crazy Michael Collectible Figure will be available in Times Square in Hong Kong on this Saturday (Dec 11) starting from 12 noon.

Singapore 1st 3D Animated GODAIZER Trailer..niceeee~!!!

This 3D Animated Trailer "GODAIZER" is the 1st Singapore's Giant Robot created by my friend Hillary Yeo. He will be having a booth (K-12) at STGCC starting this Friday, 10th to 12th Dec over at Suntec Convention Hall level 4, do drop by and help to support his work.

I will update more details when provided, meantime, enjoy this trailer

Singapore Art Museum eDM for INVASION! (Toy Carnival)

SAM eDM for Toy Carnival @ SAM,8Q tomorrow, 5th Dec
Take note of the Programme Highlights as follows:-

Toy Carnival

Face Painting and Balloon Sculpture
11am to 6pm

Cosplay Competition
(Announcement of Winners & Prize Give Away)
2:30pm and 4:30pm

Max Yeo's Photography (Simon Goh's Kitbash)

My buddy, Max Yeo shot some wonderful portrait photography for a local kit basher (Simon Goh) at The Falcon's Hangar yesterday..drool at these wonderful shots~~
Nice work, bro!!

These kitbashes by Simon will be on display in stall in Toy Carnival @SAM at 8Q this Sunday, 5th Dec..Do dropby!!

Here are some highlights of the 12inch figures Max shot:-

Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum at 8Q (Floor Plans, Participating Retailers & Partners)

Here's details for the upcoming Toy Carnival@SAM at 8Q released today.
See you this Sunday~!!