my new baby: Canon Powershot E95

Welcome to the MOO family, bought this point and shoot camera in Best Denki, IMM (Jurong East) on Saturday.

Was researching and debating whether to get a LUMIX or RICOH, but due to the fact that gadget has a short lifespan on value so i went ahead to buy this good for value and function.

Hopefully this will last me for a good few years down the road for lazy point and shoot :)

Compact and slim in size but yet powerful on the functions and engine.

Below are some outdoor test shot i did on Monday, 20th Dec 2010 along Waterloo/Queens Street while heading towards my favorite la kopi hangout, TFH.

Indoor test shot at TFH with some toys

Kevin and his XXXmas TQ

I like the tracking gives you the ability to track the portion you want to focus and makes the other blur into the depth and background.

For cameras with digital zoom, micro function is not ideal but for me, it's enough.

The 720p HD video recording mode has some nice features as well, below is a quick sample of it's miniature video effect:

Night recording not pro-fantastic but good enough as compared to other models.


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

congrats Ken :) looking forward to more GREAT pictures from you CHEERS

Armand said...

Nice! I really love the depth shot, just like the 500mm lens :)