Hot Toys celebrates their 10th Anniversary in Tokyo with new licenses acquired for year 2011

Here's my preference in order, so which is your most anticipated one?

For me, Indy is my TOP choice anytime anywhere.
Time to clear space for this best version so far from Hot Toys.

Finally, one of my 2009 wish list to HT has been granted.

Didn't expect this but i would gladly take another 12inch harlock anytime :)
The best is they can make a Captain Future 12inch as well? hehehe

I hope we will finally get a authentic Johnny Depp scuplt which is lacking in the 12inch market.
There's so many movie characters that he's in and a lot of collectors wish we had his "HEAD" lolx

Would like to see how good this will come out?

Otaku's heavenly creatures, they might be my 2nd HT female characters for my collection provided the movie by Jack Snyder is good.

Not my favorite childhood superhero, but hopefully the movie is as good as it look.
Plus, i prefer the old costume design in the comic or older movies, maybe HT will make that in future?


desmond said...

I like Indy as well...

Firestarter1331 said...

i like metal gear...hope i can get one someday.

CulturalPop said...

I'd love to add this version of Indy to my collection. The last version from Sideshow was very detailed but the facial sculpt was still too toy-ish and artificial.