My Hot Toys Dream List for 2009/2010

Let's hope Hottoys sees this period of "credit crunch" as a good business opportunity to expand and buy the below license for their 12inch figures:

Leslie Cheung (张国荣)
Chow Yun Fat "A Better Tomorrow" 英雄本色 Mark哥 (周润发)
Chow Yun Fat "God of Gamblers" 赌神 (周润发)
Jet Li's (李连杰) "Once Upon A Time in China" 黄飞鸿
Godfather's Robert DeNiro
Godfather's Al Pacino
More James Dean!!!
More Marlon Brandon!!!
Blade Runner "Harrison Ford"
Scarface's Al Pacino
007 James Bond "Sean Connery"

Movie Masterpiece
Star Wars~!!! (everyone knows this is the best franchise/license for the toy industry)
I still prefer a Hottoys 100% full control on the production rather than present with sideshow collaboration.
Indiana Jones~!!!
Superman "Christopher Reeve"
Superman "Lex Luthor" Gene Hackman
Fight Club "Brad Pitt"
Die Hard "Bruce Willis"
Tim Burton's "BATMAN" Michael Keaton
Tim Burton's "BATMAN" JOKER - Jack Nicholson
Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhand" Authentic likeness for Johnny Depp
Tim Burton's "Willy Wonka" Authentic likeness for Johnny Depp
Remake Robocop
Remake Terminator

AKIRA !!!!!
黒澤明 Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" 七人の侍

This is my dream list :P So, what's yours?


Joshua said...

holy cow bro..that's an impressive list!!! will come up with one too! cheers bro!

Dash MacBastard said...

I can't agree with you more!

Mike Tan said...

My dream is to strike 4D and TOTO big time! Then I can buy anything and everything on your list.