news: Hottoys updated Godfather figure!!

Looks like Hot Toys will spare no chances on this improvement photos release with credits to mediworld forum

Text from HT newsletter:
"The last secret is about the chair - something you might not know by looking at the pictures! Someone may say "It's just a chair!", but we don't think so! What you will get is a rotatable chair with adjustable back function PLUS real-like fabric cushion! Surprised?

Last but not least, our Art Director in Chief - JC Hong promised to supervise the mass production and control the painting lives up to perfection. Is that a good news for you?"

From the above lines, i really think HT can employ a good copywriter (looking at the $$ they are making :P)

Anyway, here are the major changes in the revised photos:
- head sculpture (More detailed hair and facial texture.)

- Hands (more like an old man’s hands)

- His beloved cat (newly sculpted and painted)

See the rest of the updated photos in my flickr below:

Previous article about this figure HERE


desmond said...

Heng ah!! never watch the movie :p

kenmoo said...

dunno you lucky or wat bro but you've missed out a damn good classic movie of our times :P

desmond said...

Haha..Will go to rent the DVD soon..

Dash MacBastard said...

This figure looks more and more realistic every time a new picture of it hits the web.

Anonymous said...

This is a must buy for me, but I wouldn't mind getting a hold of these figures too!

supekudx said...

Hey Kenmoo
Have you already decided between Enterbay or Hot Toys?

kenmoo said...

yup buy hottoys 1st then enterbay later hahahaha

D7ana said...

Don't care about the movie but I want that figure, the chair, and oh the CAT!!!


Big sighing from Brokesville :-P