news: Hottoys 12inch original Predator figure > waited till neck is long but well, better late than never

(updated on 19-Feb-09)
Newly improved head sculpt and paint job by Hot Toys released~!!! Now that's what i called authentic likeness :P

There's a saying "No news is good news..." But for Hottoys...their news is always GREAT news!! These classic figure is the one that hardcore fans are waiting and it looks great (IMHO)
Set to release between 1st - 2nd Quarter of 2009

Hot Toys - MMS 72 - Predator 1/6th scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer collectible figure

Hot Toys - MMS 73 - Predator - 1/6th scale Private Billy Sole collectible figure

Hot Toys - MMS 90 - Predator - 14" high fully poseable Predator collectible figure


desmond said...

Hey bro, where can we download the software you use for those photos taken above? Will this tool save a lot of memory space in our blog?

kenmoo said...

It's a Flickr Slideshow add-on widget that link photos from your Flickr account. I am not sure if it will help save memory space in our blog.

desmond said...

Oic..thanks for your info bro..Happy new year to you in advance :)