(Coming Soon) Medicom Evangelion Rei version 2.0

(image credit from toyworld and imitk)
Well..this is the version 2.0 year for medicom product line, so expect a lot of scalpers to lose their business but hey, it's a good year for toy collectors because you don't have to paid high price for the previous figure/collection you've missed.  

I've more or less expected medicom toys to go ahead with this "critical" marketing stretgy because it's more "cost effective" to do a revision of their previous hit than buy more license to produce new toys. Guess it's "you die better than i die~scalpers"year...hahahaha 

IMHO, this version2 of Rei is definitely a better body, sculpt and material. I liked the new body shape better now especially, which is why i didn't buy the 1st version in the 1st place. Definitely looking forward to this piece soon. 16,800 yen, Schedule for released in Sept 2009

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