(Coming Soon) Medicom 12inch SW Tie Fighter Pilot, Kamen Rider Kiva & V3

Latest update: 
Project BM 12inch Kamen Rider Kiva will be released in Sept 2009, right leg chain can be unleashed and reveal the wings :P

(image credit: toyworld)

Here's a couple of news from upcoming medicom's 12inch figure which i am looking forward this year.

Medicom 12inch Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot
(schedule for July release)

Medicom 12inch DX Kamen Rider V3 (TV version) or what i called version 2.0
(schedule for july release)


Imit K said...

VEEEEETHREEEEE! Shit must buy...

Dash MacBastard said...

The Tie Fighter Pilot looks a bit thin, doesn't he?

kenmoo said...

@imit k, yeah bro sure have to buy but then there might be a version 3 by next year?? Anyway, i missed out the 1st version, will definitely not miss this one.

@ Dash, thanks for the note, now that you've mentioned it,the body does really looks too slim...hmm...

desmond said...

The price of Medicom Tie Fighter Pilot is quite expensive, must consider and think first whether want to buy or not..Too many toys coming out this year..