12inch Figure News: "Kiss my hand and call me godfather, your wish is granted..."

So now, the prototype pixs are fully released for both Enterbay & Hot Toys, which do you prefer? Enterbay is priced at USD$170 while Hot Toys is est. USD$160

ENTERBAY (USD$170)-Released Date June 2009
(updated: 10-Feb-09)
Here's the official released Enterbay's godfather prototype pixs:

(updated: 7-Feb-09)
Here's Enterbay's taking on their 12inch godfather, it's really a good offer i can't refuse. Looks like i have to find space to display both HT and Enterbay's...

And thanks to fellow blogger (supekudx) update, Enterbay will also be producing 12inch Godfather series~!!!Whoohoo...2009 is going to be a battle of the korean sculptor for both Hottoys and Enterbay :P

(Article source from Enterbay's Blog)
In the year of 2009, ENTERBAY’s REAL MASTERPIECE COLLECTION will include a new “The Godfather” series. Ranked as the second greatest film in American cinematic history, this series will feature influential actor Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corlenon the Godfather. It is anticipated to be released in the second quarter of 2009.

ENTERBAY and Y.J Park who will continue to deliver uncannily realistic head sculpts, will work together to create an museum-like representation of Marlon Brando in the “The Godfather” series. Its premium design, intensive production process and exclusive accessories, will make a shocking debut to the world of 1/6 Scale figurines.

HOT TOYS (est: USD$160)-Released Date April 2009
(updated: 22-Jan-09)
Here's the official released Hottoy's godfather prototype pixs:

(updated: 20-Jan-09)
Diorama pix from Hottoys...these teasers are killing me softly...HT, quickly release the pre-order and the date manz...
Click the thumbs for bigger image:

(updated: 15-Jan-09)
The killer shot for your wallet~!!!Pay, pay, pay...

My prayers has been answered, if the below pix is true, we shall see a fine O marlon brandon 12inch godfather this year~!! Hottoys ROCKZ~~!!!

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Mick said...

Wow this head looks great!
I worked on a custom godfather figure some month ago.
but this head sculpt looks much better.
greetings from Germany

kenmoo said...

hi mick, i went to your website. Most Impressive~!!! Very stylized and i loved your diorama...(how i wished i can make my own) i've linked your blog to mine and i really hope to see more of your works in future...cheers and have a great 2009!!

supekudx said...

There will be a Enterbay's version too. http://www.enterbay.com/blog/?p=507.
Well, which one wil be better?

supekudx said...

More one shot:

kenmoo said...

hi superkudx,
thanks for your great news~!!

Mike Tan said...

Enterbay's Godfather look weird. Something not right.

supekudx said...

I like more Hot Toys version.