Beowulf trailer

Don't know about you guys but angelina jolie in 3D animated nude looks fabulous to me :)
At first sight, I thought it was just another motion picture but it's 3D...hope it's as good as it gets since there's so many wonderful cast and writers (neil gaiman + roger avary) for this adaptation. I am bascially a movie trailer sucker, as long trailer sell i will buy the ticket. How about you? :)

Click poster above to go to the offical website and trailers.

GX-32SB-Gold Lightan-Silver & Black

playing with GX-32SB-Gold Lightan-Silver & Black

Golden Warrior Gold Lightan (黄金戦士ゴールド・ライタン) was a popular anime series aired in 1981 to 1982 in Japan and Hong Kong. There were 52 episodes aired at 30 minutes each.

The story is about a little boy named Hiro who accidentally found a gold lighter which turned out to be the giant Golden Warrior Gold Lightan with the mission to save the earth from every invasion of King Ibalda. Gold Lightan joined forces with his robot teammates to ruin the plots of King Ibalda and destroyed invading alien robots by using his surpassing hands and leg strikes. Hiro, the boy, also founded a group called the "One Pack Rangers" with his friends.

This is a 2 in 1 box gold lightan (limited edition)
It comes with 2 different color (silver & black)
Both the box & packaging design is beautiful & good. Box is damn heavy too~~!!

Accessories are simple and can be store away in the red carpet base.
Feels like holding a mini gold bar!!!

My rating is 5/5 for this pcs because everything feels right and good as a chogokin series!!!

Below is my 1st trial on a short gif animated clip, hope you like it :P

batman animated

These are my old 12" animated batman collections.
Till today this show is still my favourite, excellent soundtracks and content for every episodes, it's like watching a movie not animated cartoons.

AVP2 trailer - Aliens vs Predator Requiem

Latest released trailer, seems like there's more action and bloodshed between these 2 species or 3 including us (the humans) than the previous instalment. Movie to be release this end of the year. Definately a must watch for geeks like us :P

Official website with better quality trailer HERE

Heroes Season 2 promo video

1 more month to go...sept 24 for season 2. Spoiler maybe but those in this video will definately be back for season 2

12inch Chow Hard-Boiled

12inch Chow A Better Tomorrow II

12inch Sean Connery "The Rock"

This is my own kit-bash 12" sean connery from the movie "the rock".
Basically i bought this 1st custom head sculpt from hottoy many years back, body was from ultimate soldier. Am thinking of replacing the body with new hot toys body now so that it's more poseable. Incidentally, hottoys started off their marketing selling celebrities headsculpt in their basement shop at trendyzone (hk), now they have licenses to produce various 12'', time flies... :)

playing with medicom 12inch DX saiyuki

Box design suxz but surprisely the figure is very detail

all material and cloth design is very detail to the actual character and well printed.
Good QC this round which i guess medicom was comissioned by this TV station to produce this character.

overall a 5/5 from me cos' i am a fan of this jap drama series. Likeness is close to the real actor though sometime he does resembles Ah Wang from HK TVB..wahaha

playing with DX Gekiranger robots x 2

For this drama series, overall viewing rating is 4/5 cos it's very manga, great actions, there's also stephen chow "kung fu" music, definately alot of improvement. It's like watching HK movies. Best ranger series so far in my own opinion.
Ok, now for the rating is 4/5.If not for the big battery enclosure at the back and very little articulation, it will be almost perfect. But most Bandai DX robot are like that isn't it? :P It's huge and heavy when combine..i like their concept which enables you to add-on more character..this make ur robot even bigger!!!

The best unedited fight sequence ever

Someone asked me if I am watching "Rush Hour3", I told them after watching this Tony Jaa movie (The Protector) last year. I don't think any fight scene will be this well choreographed. Other than the recent HK movie "Flashpoint" by Donnie Yen which i think is quite good. Enjoy this video...

Custom Lights for Your Deluxe Barricade

Jin Saotome just came out his tutorial on Custom Lights for Your Deluxe Barricade.
Nice job dude~!!!!!I guess this "flashing horn whistle" product will be flying off the shelves very soon. By the way, you guys must check out his custom transformer movie toys as well...they are awesome toooo!!!!

playing with TF Rescue Ratchet

One of my favourites in voyager series now, nice and improved articulation, sculpt & details compared to the old LEGO TF i had before. Rating 4/5, -1 because the paint job from china man/lady still needs to be improved.