playing with medicom 12inch DX saiyuki

Box design suxz but surprisely the figure is very detail

all material and cloth design is very detail to the actual character and well printed.
Good QC this round which i guess medicom was comissioned by this TV station to produce this character.

overall a 5/5 from me cos' i am a fan of this jap drama series. Likeness is close to the real actor though sometime he does resembles Ah Wang from HK TVB..wahaha


toysrevil said...

looking good! i was gonna do a post about this figure when i found it online recently ... am gonna swipe your pics if you dun mind dude! LOL

i thought i remember seeing the face, sekali was a member from SMAP! LOL

kenmoo2007 said...

go ahead bro, for you anytime, anything la..just do it :P