playing with Fewture EX Chogokin Boss Borot

Boss Borot is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series Mazinger Z.
Within the story, Boss Borot was created by three engineers from the Photon Power Laboratory and piloted by Boss and his cohorts Mucha and Nuke. Boss Borot (and Boss himself) serve as the comic relief in Mazinger Z, a role they would continue to play through the Mazinger timeline, reappearing in Great Mazinger, Grendizer, and most recently in the remake Mazinkaiser.

This box was surprisely big and quite light, cannot understand why it can't be carded or in a smaller box like Bandai Chogokin series.In other words, box and packaging design can be better.

Accessories which is not in this pix is the circle base and handle which is at the back of the foam box, that's all.

Generally, for chogokin fans the element of die-cast metal and weight matter most.
This figure only have metal on its waist area, the rest is PVC, spray in metallic colors.
Detail and Creativity rates 5/5 for this figure.
But as a chogokin fans expectation, feel of playing and price worthy, i give it a 2/5


Mikey said...

Wah friend. You strike TOTO lottery? Within 2 days so many new toys! Lucky for me, this month quite quiet. Whew.

Anything, Everything better than Nothing said...

no lah, some are old toys but i open recently to display only.
This month only got 2 new toys only mahzzzz...tio TOTO i make somemore shelves lor...wahahaha :P

neoconvoy said...

how articulated is this figure ?
i notice that the arms can bend.
my first impression is it is not that articulated, so i did not want to buy it.

Anything, Everything better than Nothing said...

i would estimates about 8 points of articulations. Almost same as a regular action figure you would find in the market. Ultimately, it the hold and feel, it doesnt feel right as a chogokin. Should reduce their selling price as a DX deluxe S.I.C figure. That will justify the material and price for this figure.