Dick Lee sings at his 40th Anniversary concert (Youtube)

dick lee sings We Are Singapore at his 30th anniversary concert in 2004
Warning: some local vulgarity involved

the force is always around

On Monday, April 23 2007, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screened Star Wars as part of their Great to Be Nominated series. Before the start of the show, they showed this special clip as a message of warning to members in the audience.

XMM~Bandai Kamen Rider no.2 Belt

Bought this kamen rider toy belt for myself...Oops..nahh..it's for my son (xmm) :P
Hope he will have fun this weekends. Maybe he will henshin and become kamen riderrr~!!!

wahahaha..hoho..fun :P

Bandai 12"GARO 牙狼

(Picture taken by canon ixus850is)

Too lazy to plot a background, took it on my working table, add a bit of photoshop burn tool and wah~la~

playing with 12" Bandai Garo

Finally managed to open and playing with my Bandai 12" Japanese version "Garo".
Bought this from a local toyshop but shelved it for awhile. Box design is nice and plastic.
While opening this piece, notice that this figure is very "horny" & "picky" = too many sharp edges..it's like opening and posing with a durian so not suitable for kids which is same like the drama...hahaha...anyway, i think the articulation still needs to be tougher and improved though it's all plastic.
Overall playing rating 7/10.
Don't think medicom will produce this piece so Collection rating 8/10 if you are a hardcore fan of this adult hero drama.

playing with enterbay 12"bruce lee #1 - game of death

This box packaging design is good and heavy.
Best of all, you can display and still keep your figure Mint.

That's a plus for collectors. My piece is #GOD-1810

The figure & parts fit and well protected by the thick sponge.

Interchangeable eyes for that infamous stare...cool~!!

Pose well and sturdy without stand, the likeness is uncanning even none proper lighting.
Overall power dudes~!! Must buy for collectors~!!!

Enterbay 12" Bruce Lee - Game of Death

(Pictures taken by N95)
12" Bruce Lee - Game of Death from Enterbay
It's already considered as a piece of art. Compared to medicom version is like heaven and earth.
Can't wait for the 2nd pcs :)

making of "Playing with Kabuto"

Playing with Kabuto

enjoying opening the beautiful box,
oyaaa..i also bought 12"Enterbay Brude Lee-game of death, will post reviews of playing this toy soon as well :P Below is the mov i make playing KABUTO~~!! Enjoy..useful info if any buyers want to buy to play as well..hehehe...here it goes...

My new toy-Kamen Rider Kabuto

(Pictures taken by N95)

Bought this on 21 April 2007 at Takashimaya at discounted 20% $95.96 (usual $114.24)
Sound activated with rider kick, henshin and cast-off...pretty neat, detail and nice finishing for a plastic toy about 320mm tall. Don't think 12"medicom pre-order got sound and henshin so this piece will keep me contented for the time being..hehehe.

Posting the video version of playing this toy in YouTube soon, do watch for it :P

short trip HK

see the red circle? long walk to boarding siazzz....
finally got onto the airport express...heading towards tsim sha tsui

1st night at mongkok...searching for dinner :P
manzz....authentic hk food broszz.....this is the real thing..just broswing the menu make you drool...hehehe

strolling along harbour city..nice view
The Sweet Dynasty...bros..this is women soft spot..come here all also want to eat...headache..the sweets and decor not bad.

Expect long queues as early as 10am till late..must try..even a simple beancurd oso looks yummy~!
went in and thought they sell chocolate, aiya..another fashion boutique
go home already..still browsing shopping magazine..aiyo

medicom 12" UltraSeven

one of my favourite figure from the ultraman series
bought at falcon hangar...made by medicom...errr...ya i know i was aiming at the background using my N95 :P