Alan Moore was correct!! WATCHMEN is unfilmable

I  am not going to give you major spoilers but here's a few pointers before you go watch this movie:
(a) Hard core comic fan - Do not attempt to watch this movie

(b) Get a good and comfortable seats when you watch this's freakin' 3 hours

(c) Read the brief plot of this movie online, so that you know what to expect (it's not your typical superhero action-packed genre) Try not to walk away halfway thru' and waste your are better off watching "My bloody valentine" showing next door.

(d) This line needs PG ok? SG censorboard suckz...the whole movie you can see Dr. Manhattan 3D "blue" dick and in 1 scene you see three of them :P plus maybe some scene you will spot some tits but they go and censor a few miserable seconds of sex scenes. It was quite a letdown in our so-called unbelievable bullshit rating system. Might as well give it a R21 lah...i don't think a 18 year old kid will appreciates this movie anyway.

(e) Alan Moore was correct, this comic is unfilmable, as faithful this film is to the comic, i feel that director Jack Snyder could have make a better screenplay adaptation on this theme himself.

(f) All the above is my personal opinion, so no need to take it seriously. This movie has some flaws and it's not 100% perfect, it's still watchable and the plot might intrigues you a bit to stay on track if you're a superhero comic fans (like myself) Definitely not boring.

(g) Overall, it's not as entertaining than i expected but it inspired me to go read that long dusty novel which i shelved for many years. Anyway, it's much better than Strait Times Critics 2/5 rating...i give this a 3/5


desmond said...

I give a 3 out of 5 to this movie too. I feel a bit bored in the beginning, may be too much talking or I didn't read the novel before. Even with Mandarin substitles, I also feel stressful as I am not able to catch the story when listening to their dialogues (Need a lot of thinking to digest what they are trying to tell). I think I prefer those movie like Iron Man as it's easy to understand and enjoy their visual effect without trying to understand the story at the same time. Anyway, I am still ok especially the fighting scenes, violent and bloody :p

Mike Tan said...

Blue dick? Haha.... lan (chinese) jiao (hokkien)