(PS3 & XBOX360) RESIDENT EVIL 5 - 2009 New Trailer

aiya...my wife don't want to co-op with me on this game..so i can't buy it yet...hahahaha...hope you guys who got it today enjoy :P


Mike Tan said...

Wah. 5 liao? I only played 1 and 2 donkey years ago. Wish I could join you bro but I haven't got my PS3 yet.

Joshua said...

this is soooo darn tempting..

if i play the game re5 i sure will buy the hot toys chris redfield and go broke again..

must resist!!!

kenmoo said...

@ Mike > u can get a XBOX360 oso..cheaper but PS3 better cos online gameplay is free

@ Joshua > hahaha...true unless we suck at the game then we won't buy the 12inch? LOlz...but anyway just play the game lah...no need to get the figure if don't want to :P