[STGCC 2010] Iron Man 2: An insider’s treat on the movie’s visual effects

Do not miss this rare opportunity to meet Digital Artists Phil Pham and Abishek Nair, who will talk about their experiences working on Iron Man 2.

Using actual scenes from the movie, learn how the artists created each shot and how all these were put together to create the summer blockbuster that had audiences flocking to the cinemas.

The Iron Man 2 panel will take place during STGCC 2010 on 11 Dec (Sat) from 11 am to 12 pm at the Theatre, Level 3, Suntec Convention Centre.

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Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) is a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company located in San Francisco and Singapore, serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects. The Academy Award-winning visual effects house was the principal visual effects studio on Marvel’s Iron Man 2. In all, ILM produced over 530 visual effects shots for the movie, including the Stark Expo and the amazing battle scenes. Of the 530, 190 of those shots were done in the Singapore studio.

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Rafys78 said...

I've purchased the blu ray extras, but seeing the designers in person is a whole different story.
Its in 3D!!
Haha. I kid.

Wish I could attend though.