toys spring cleaning part.1

Just started doing some spring cleaning of my room today.
Damn tiring, and I've only managed to completed 1/4 of it~~!! shit!!
Cleaning of the toy shelf already took up the half day, and believe's really dusty spider web one~~...
Anyway, it's my fault lah, I've neglected this shelf for almost 6-7 years??!! Damn...lucky only collect dust if not i think all melt liao.

Below is just part 1 of today's cleaning...hopefully i can finish the rest soon.

Display shelf A- mainly for US related toys/characters.

Display shelf A- 1st column - 12inch, 2nd column are all my previous Mcfarlane collections.

Display shelf A- 3rd & 4th column, more Mcfarlane figurines etc...

Display shelf A- last column, old/new toys which I haven't got time to open & display yet.

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Mikey said...

Wah! You still got spawny! I got rid of mind oredi. I think I need to re-arrange mine too. I bit mess up.