Arrggh~!!not another bruce lee manz

Photo from Taiwan Toy Show which ends this Sat (7 July) i think.
Hope my friend Jimi will email more photos soon after his visit so that I can share with all the friends here.

Anyway, seeing this photo is so depressing, enterbay still got another version of bruce lee. Not that i don't welcome it but can't they come out kato or something else? If not just a whole range of different head sculpt or fashion wear. How about giving us other celeb like coming indiana jones, al pacino, or best even godfather series!! To buy bruce lee with the entire body again which cost USD$350 is abit too much!!!
God bless our wallet again~~arrggghh~~!! curse medicom and enterbay who follow suit.

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swftoys said...

Haha! Hats off to you for buying one in the first place! You are right about variety for BL.