WAN(Lalla)'s Blog (korea)

Korean 12inch customizer are getting more and more (*good for them, bad for our wallet)...this latest artist Lalla is an upcoming in my list. Let's hope he can be employed by Hot Toys or Enterbay soon lolx :P

Previously, I've also showcase 2 other korean talents Kojun and Rovo Jin and now they are under the wings of Hottoys and Enterbay respectively.
Be marveled at the real hair implant, sweat drops and the expressions of his customized Bruce Lee from Enterbay. We need more talents like these in the industry. Simply amazing~!!


supekudx said...

Yeah, this guy is great. And the sweating effect is permanent, as he told on OSW.

Korndamned said...

He once sold the Game Of Death version on eBay for $800 and that wasn't even half as good as this....... :(