Hock Lam Beef Kway Teow (seah street)

Decided to start this new label/topics on "yummy-nots" because i think nowadays people experiences more bad food than good. My terms of "good" food is not necessary expensive nor am I trying to bad-mouthed the stall owners. (IMHO) i think SG service and food quality are not catching up to the modern standard, that's all (新加坡现时现在的服务态度和食物素质是要不得的...要以时拼进,而不落后他国) Taste is very subjective so please do not flame me if you have second thoughts and i warmly welcome any kind suggestions/comments you have otherwise. In any way, if the stall owner reads my blog (as if they will hahaha) I hope they "might" want to improve on either their service or food quality...so no hard feelings ok? lolz I will try to keep my comments short and sharp, not long-winded cos' I am not a food critics.

1st off the shelves today is my lunch at Hock Lam Beef Kway Teow @ Seah Street (opp. Bras Basah Road) I clearly remember their stall was at this very location for at least 5 years ago? Today, apparently was quite a bad choice.

This misery portion and few strips of "hei bee" shrimp-sized beef cost me $5!!!

Wah lau, towkay (boss) can you imagine how life becomes more miserable after having your food? We all know SG now recession lah but can't you make us feel more happy while having a decent meal? I sincerely hope you "beef up" the portion while not losing it's tenderness. Really...even a beef teriyaki MOS burger taste better and cheaper than this.
Here's my yummy-nots verdict:
Food: 2/5 ( so slim that i can't even taste the beef goodness)
Service: 2.5/5 (mediocre)


deSMOnd said...

It looks like not delicious leh from the picture you took..I think instant maggi mee is much better than that..I will curse and swear if I have this..

Joshua said...

looks yummy bro...how's the taste???

kenmoo said...

hi joshua, it's really as bad as it looks...i'll try to search a good one and recommend it to you again :P