DVD > Shamo (军鸡)

i like this movie (军鸡), didn't expect it to land here on DVD last evening for only $12.90 in my local video shop. I heard some places are selling even cheaper at $9.90 (go check out yours)

By the way, the entire movie is in it's original Cantonese version, there's no Mandarin audio so it's the version i like to collect. I hate to watch HK movie in SG...normally, the essence of the movie is all gone because of the translation. Imagine watching Japanese Anime in mandarin?!? :P

Basically, it's printed by China but the entire disc is HK version, I really don't mind the cheaper version man because there's not much difference. It come with a nicely embossed jacket as well.
Ultimately, i am going for the content.

HK movie's "Making of" is not as comprehensive as Hollywood, maybe they should have set aside some budget for their DVD. Else there's no point owning the movie without the extras bah i guess?

Overall, I think it's a good adaptation of the Japanese comics, directed by a upcoming HK director. My rating is 4/5 for this movie, while DVD feature is only 2/5 (at least better than redcliff)

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