Sideshow 12inch Indiana Jones -Raiders of the Lost Ark

Didn't bother to change the nude figure and proceed to take these photos today, quite tough to shoot cos' the neck and knees are very loose, plus most joints are not tight enough. Posing takes awhile :( Maybe it's just my bad luck, are you having the same problem as mine? Seems like every Sideshow figures i bought have to change body, what a waste of money..haizzz...maybe it's a sign for me to stop buying SS toys liao...hahahaha

The arm becomes loose after this shot, damnit...SS body have to improve lah...

(IMHO) i think the head sculpt is quite good (maybe even better than Medicom) but the paint job and finishing really spoils it.
normally i don't like to display my figure with stand, looks like SS Indy going to use it for while till i get a new body for him :P

the bendable whip is quite fun but too bad the hand joint are too loose to hold it...really looking forward for the new body manzz....

Here's a comparison photo between Sideshow and Medicom version

My rating still stands as my previous post, both figures got its pros and cons.  
Other than the price difference, i think both got its own value depending which you prefer.

Accessories: SS
Paint Job: Medicom (SS paint job is too glossy/oily for my taste)
Likeness: Medicom has better sculpt, SS is not bad but their paint job suckzz...
Box Design: SS
Clothes: SS for more playability and trashing, Medicom version has more quality.
Figure: Medicom (cos' SS figure is very loose, always need to change to a better body like Hottoys true type figure)
Playability: SS
Price: SS definitely

more photos in my flickr album below:

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