Score from Hong Kong trip (Nov 2008) - 1/6 scale customised sofa chair for deathnote

This is my last requisition in HK nov. This chair really needs a lot "fate"
Been to this shop at CTMA, level 12 i think for more than 3 times in 3 different trip since 2007 and the shop is either closed if not the owner keeps saying stock arrives next week. Damn frustrated :P
Below is the shop photo i took in 2007.

...really har...1 and a half year in the waiting until I finally found it in a corner shop in CTMA B2 and the lady owner is damn friendly, no need to think just pay lor :)

Excellent details and the material they use is heavy. Mainly polystone and imitate leather i think. (HK$168~damn worth it)

There are two colors, White and Dark Brown body frame. I choose the brown one because i think the white is abit too powdery.

It also comes with an apple and coffee cup

finally my L don't have to squad on the floor :P hehehehe

and yes..Yagami has an apple in hand~~so happy :P

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Kenny said...

HK$168 is about what... S$30-ish? I'll be looking out for this when I'm in HK in Dec.