Sneaking around Danny Choo Blogging Workshop today~!!

Had a really tight schedule today, so i couldn't stay till the end of Renowned OTAKU Blogger DANNY CHOO's workshop, here's some "sneaking around" photos i took today...hahaha

Venue: Youth Scape (Somerset Road)

Main Entrance

abit turn off if i was the speaker? :P What's with the world toilet thingy under my workshop...hahahaha

Reception for registration

Door gift

sneaking behind whom i believe is SG TOY GURU (aka toy haven) Alex hahaha...

Animax CEO (didn't get his name though)

Animax self produced big budget anime LaMB inroduction

The man himself > DANNY CHOO's admiring at his stormtrooper cosplay escapade with the babes in japan

Actually, I am quite disappointed la, was hoping he would wear his Stormtrooper outfit to give his talk...hahahaha

Details of his workshop can be found in Shaun blog, go check it out!!


Shaun said...

eh Ken, you're like a ninja! Wasted, could have at least thanked you in person. :(

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

wah lau! i was just seated in front of you. if i 'd known i'll at least have said "hello" & "kum sia". hope to catch up with you sometime soon, ninja ken ;p

kenmoo said...

no problem la bros~!!! I am a shy Giant cum Ninja when in a crowded place...come and go very fast hahahaha...will definitely meetup soon :P