Score from Hong Kong trip (Nov 2008) - Loading Toys & 1:6 Tuxedo Suit

Next up is loading toys kitbash (Daniel Craig) set, or i wold like to called it the 007 likeness set. Shaun has a detail review of it last week, you guys may want to go have a look. I didn't intend to get this unless i can find the tuxedo suit in HK so luckily i did but with a steep price @ HKD$499!! po bian liao (no choice)

Box Cover Front (HKD$300++)

Box Cover Back

The Head

Here's the 1:6 tuxedo, HK called it "踢死兔"(HKD$499) for the above kitbash, will post the fully dressed soon and i am crossing my fingers that it better looks good for that kinda price i paid for :(


Joshua said...

awesome score la brudder!

i wanna get a tux for my bond too! wahhhhh.... nice haul nice haul...i'm drooling all over the screen now..

Shaun said...

suit's looking good, but the price quite painful. the shoes look like the same ones from the toy soldier set.

kenmoo said...

ya boy, hopefully its fitting and looks good...wallet pain sia~!!