Hong Kong trip (Nov 2008)

(13-17 Nov 2008)
Due to my tight schedule, I didn't have much time for shopping. Need to travel to and fro Shenzhen (China) as well, so in fact i am left with only 2 short night in HK!! But i can feel the impact of the recession for HK retailers (imagine SG?). A lot of big shopping mall were barely empty but luckily Mongkok (concentrated toys areas) were still as vibrant in the night.

But too bad, a lot of new toy releases (medicom Kamen rider BLACK, RX etcs...) were already pre-ordered with TFH and i would say the price is quite competitive so i didn't see the need to bring back excess baggage this time.

Below are the latest prototype display in Toy Hunter (CTMA) my fav 1st stop for photo snapping :P
Protoytpe for 1/6 scale "Iron Man"
I am abit disappointed at the finishing of this figure, There's so much hype built up within the forums and i hope Hottoys will improved the finishing in the final product. (IMHO) the armor parts does not have the metallic feel. They should have the finishing same as Medicom 12inch Kamen Rider Kabuto

Mark 1 & Mark 2 looks really fantastic~!!! I recommend MUST BUY~!!!

Overall display for the IRON MAN movie series

Protoytpe for 1/6 scale The Dark Knight "Harvey Dent" (Two Face)
The photo tells it all..BUY~~!! The resemblance is uncanny and all looks good man...
Protoytpe for 1/6 scale "Edward Scissorhands"
Well, this is definitely a MUST BUY for me (as a fan) Though the likeness is not there but it's the best 12inch ED figure in the market so far (better than medicom version)

Protoytpe for 1/6 scale "U.S. Secret Service"
I am not into modern or military figures but this pair looks great as well. Any bro can comment on this?

Protoytpe for 1/6 scale "James Dean" red jacket version
Hope the final will have the improved "忧郁"look and feel of the headsculpt other than that, PAY lor cos' i love JD anyway~!!! :P

Up next? My humble haul in Hong Kong....watch for it :P


Joshua said...

yeah i agree on the mark 3..kinda knew it when i saw some forum pics and all...do hope that it wont' be matt finish or it'd be very dissapointing to many out there....

mark 1's reall appealing and so is the headsculpt for two face...

the secret service figs look awesome...can't wait to score those next year..though i'm a tad broke now...=(

anyway will bring up the review soon bro!

Joshua said...

and great pix once again bro!

JuN said...

Hmmm.....sounds like I should cancel the Mark 3 & just keep the Mark 2, thks for the info & pics!