Score from Hong Kong trip (Nov 2008) - 1:6 Suit for my Bruce Wayne

Another 1:6 kitbash suit for my extra bruce wayne head in The Dark Knight version from Hottoys. (HK$330++) Will suit it up soon as well and post when i am free, too many toys to play and too little time to shoot (suit) 'em up :P

I think the above new suit is better than the Saturday Toys which i had now, it's more classy and has the "playboy" look for bruce wayne :P

Saturday Toys Suit with TDK version of Bruce Wayne

Saturday Toys Suit with Batman Begins version of Bruce Wayne


Joshua said...

the pic on bruce in his suit is fantastic really. wish i had the money to get that many suits.

Shaun said...

glad you managed to score this suit bro, it's really good looking. Once again thanks for the other suit you helped me score.

rockaholic said...

his shoes kawaii..