2008 summer movies ends well with The Dark Knight

I am not a film critic so in short here's my favorite summer movie in 2008.
Best Opening Movie
- excellent cast of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
- slick design of Ironman (btw, where the hell is Hottoys official 12" ironman prototype be released? our neck gets longer by the day)

Best Closing Movie
The Dark Knight (4/5)
- the best joker (protrayed by late heath ledger) so far, it really top my previous fav by Jack Nicholson, I think it's a bit exaggerate that ledger deserves an oscar for this but why not?
- Aaron Eckhart role as 2 face really rocks...i can empathize his pain and agony being gotham white knight
- this is a movie not only about batman, the story really curves out the character of joker and harvey dent.
- Justice has a code of honor while the villians lives in a world without rules hence the dark knight in its making.

Best Asian Movie
Sparrow 文雀 (4.5/5)
excellent art, music, cast, acting, editing and director.
This is a director (johnny to) that loves movie making. It's not a matter of geographic proportions, how & where you were born, how wealthy you are...it's the "passion" for things you enjoy doing. It's almost perfect but it's just me, i enjoy movie with a touch of film noirs.

Best 3D Animated Movie
SG still haven't shown Pixar's Wall-E yet but I will add that in my list in advance cos' Pixar has yet to make a truly bad movie, they always manage to entertain and delight me with their story.

my ratings for other summer movies:
hellboy 2
red cliff 赤壁
get smart
you don't mess with the zohan (3/5)
the incredible hulk
kungfu panda
narnia: prince caspian
indiana jones 4

So what's your favorite summer movie this year?


Kenny said...

I'm not a big Batman fan, in fact, I almost detest him, after seeing The Dark Knight, I've been won over. TDK is effing awesome.

Christopher Nolan is a genius. I'm surprised you only gave it a 4.

kenmoo said...

yes i do agree that Nolan is a genius at his age as a film director. His memento was brilliant and his batman was groundbreaking but it's not his best masterpiece yet. (IMO)TDK was a bit draggy and makes me feels that Nolan couldn't make this movie without rules (maybe there's certain restrictions binds by batman license :P) I'll like to reserve my 1 point for his batman after it passes trilogy, that is if he can truly create a movie without rules.