Japan Magazine Z Manga Exclusive 超合金魂SOC GX-07i Iron Z

超合金魂SOC GX-07I Iron Z requires Mazinger Z Angels (魔神天使Z) manga coupon to order (see below)

So I am quite lucky to get it at my favorite toyshop. GX-07I Iron Z, holding on hand is much heavier compared to GX-07E Energer Z (i didn't get it due to my laziness to toyhunt, so i can only drool at Imit photos)

On production note, I think the production of the GX-07I was quite rushed; the quality in terms of paint application isn't the same as the previous GX-07 releases. However, the addition of diecast thighs really adds weight to this SOC. In any case, if you missed out on the limited GX-07E Energer Z, then I suggest you get the GX-07I Iron Z, especially if you like your robot toys to have lots of diecast.
Toy Rating: 4/5

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