Medicom 1/6 RAH" Crows x Worst" Harumichi Bouya (坊屋春道)

From the gritty world of "Crows" and Medicom RAH 1/6 comes hard boy Harumichi Bouya (坊屋春道) !
He's clad in an embroidered baseball jacket, black jeans, white tennies, and of course his "Bullshit" belt-buckle. Accessories include removable sunglasses, an interchangeable "funny face" head, five extra hands (two left and three right), and a figure stand.

Finally bought this from my latest HK trip. This series by Medicom gets 4/5 from me cos i love the comic and its character. Hmm...medicom seems to be only good at Masked and Manga characters...their human form still doesn't appeal to me (IMHO) :P

YOzzz, posers.....

good quality material, feel and details, details manz...nice


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