HT 12inch AVP She Predator Machiko

Someone has to stop HotToys before they bankrupt me this year...

Hot Toys – Hot Angel x Movie Masterpiece Series - MMS 74
AVP - SHE PREDATOR - MACHIKO collectible model kit
Hot Angel?
Hot Toys is proud to announce a brand new product line - HOT ANGEL, featuring sexy female characters in highly detailed outfit.

The debut of the line is SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO.
SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO is an original character designed by Hot Toys, inspired by the female character from the AVP comics.

Story behind SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO project:
With the impact of the first AVP movie, Hot Toys continues the mission of the character LEX, and developed SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO. MACHIKO is configured as a Human Warrior, recognized by the Scar Predator, who has given her the mask, and ALIEN head featured shield, as well as the scars on her face. Given the Predator’s strengths and weapons and follow the mission of Predators, SHE PREDATOR- MAHIKO guards and fights against ALIENS.

This full geared SHE PREDATOR - MACHIKO stands approximate 30 cm tall, features a NEWLY developed Hot Toys female body and over 20 points of articulation, a fabric net body suit with detailed armor. It also features:

+ Weapons:
- one articulated shoulder cannons
- Extendable spear
- Closed Shuriken
- Wrist blades

+ Accessories:
- Predator mask features with warrior scar
- Sword with sheath
- Skull necklace
- Neck Wrap
- Alien head featured shield
- Each model comes with Predator skull featured display base

NOTE: Simple assembly required
Release date: Q3, 2008

Character Concept by Howard Chan
Character Design by JOSEPH TSANG
Armor and Accessories Sculpt by JOSEPH TSANG
Head Sculpt by YULLI
Head Art Directed by JC HONG

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