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Found this in my brother's room, so i though i give my one cent's worth after watching it today because i like Luc Besson movies. Leon and The Fifth Element are two of my favorite movies.

Angel-A is a story about a man who lies to everyone, even to himself. It's shot beautifully in b/w. It's been awhile I've seen movies filmed in b/w & Paris looks beautiful.

The lead actor, Jamel Debbouze, is one of the great character actors of our time (IMHO). He has such a interesting look and personality. With a bonus that he can act and you've got something in someone that doesn't happen often in Asia's. Most of you will remember him as Lucien in Amelie. He was really good in that. In this, he plays a horrible, down-trodden scam artist and it suits him well.

The female lead, Rie Rasmussen, is your standard Besson girl. Hmmm...makes you wonder if Besson tailor his movies because he's in love with his leading actress. She has the same haircut and make-up around the eyes that most of his female heroes has. (e.g. Nikita, Leeloo, Mathilde, etc....) But this time, she's just much taller and blonder than the others. In this movie, she's cute and does her job well.

IMHO this 2005 film is only just "okay." It's not masterpiece and didn't blow me away. It was a much more personal (little) film than the Besson I'm used to.

There were moments in the script that were fantastic, the scene with the mirror, for instance, where Angela forces Andre to recognize the concept of love was amazing. It was well shot in one take (i think) and the acting was great. Ending was a slight "anti-climax" but still acceptable to me. Overall, 90% of the movie intrigues me.

Some thoughts after watching this on dvd...
Love your life & Learn to love yourself...

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